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IGN Interviews Don Mancini

There’s quite an interesting interview with Don Mancini over on IGN. He discusses the road to making Curse of Chucky and what the future holds for the series.

IGN: So will we ever see a Child’s Play remake?

Mancini: I wouldn’t rule it out completely, but I think at this point my hope is that audiences will embrace this movie and the story and the characters that are introduced here and hopefully want to see more of that story. My preference at this point would be to continue with this direction we’re on now rather than doing a remake. There’s something about remakes – they’re very familiar. We know the story already. I don’t really know what the upside is on that anymore.

IGN: Do you have an idea for Chucky 7?

Mancini: I do have an idea for it. I guess we’ll have to see how this movie is received by the audience. Hopefully they’ll like it, and if they want more, we’ll give them more.


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