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Posted by Darkness on July 10, 2012 (Updated: 14-Oct-2018)

The film picks up 6 years after the events in Bride of Chucky. The son of Chucky and Tiffany, Glen, has been working as a ventriloquist’s dummy in England. Meanwhile, two dummies resembling Chucky and Tiffany are filming a movie in Hollywood with Jennifer Tilly. It’s sort of set in real-life. Glen makes his way to Hollywood and resurrects Chucky and Tiffany using a voodoo amulet. The film generally revolves around Chucky and Tiffany trying to find new bodies while their son Glen has an identity crisis. 

Hmm… where do I start with this review? Let me make something clear. I absolutely despise this movie. I saw it after it had been released and I saw it just now for the purpose of doing this review. I hated it both times. Don Mancini, who has written the previous four Child’s Play instalments, has once again written this film but he is the director here for the first time. The story here is absolutely atrocious and I don’t know what shocks me more. The fact Don Mancini wrote something as awful as this or that a studio actually greenlighted the project in the first place. It’s that bad.

 - Seed of Chucky Review

The first problem I have with it is that it’s set in real-life with actors playing themselves. Jennifer Tilly and rapper Redman play themselves. I often compare Seed of Chucky to the final Nightmare on Elm Street film, New Nightmare. I also hated that for the same reasons. When a film sets itself in real-life, we know the franchise is over. There are a few other actors that make the film up. Hannah Spearritt of S Club 7 plays Jennifer Tilly’s assistant and Steve Lawton plays her driver. John Waters also makes an appearance as a paparazzi. What can I say? The casting director on Seed of Chucky shouldn’t be allowed to work in the industry.

 - Seed of Chucky Review

The general plot in the film is just ridiculous from start to finish. Much to my dismay, it carries on from the ending of Bride of Chucky with Chucky’s son, Glen. The doll is voiced by Billy Boyd who is just dreadful. The design of Glen is terrible too. I did hear that Mancini wanted to have a unique look for Glen but the producers overruled him and made him more like Chucky. It doesn’t really matter as I think any version would have been just as bad. In the film, Glen seems to have some sort of identity crisis and doesn’t know whether he is male or female. A lot of cringeworthy scenes follow. The film is full of bizarre scenes. Chucky masturbating, Tiffany impregnating Jennifer Tilly and then her giving birth to twins in a few hours. The film isn’t scary, it isn’t funny, there is nothing positive to salvage from it here.

 - Seed of Chucky Review

Tiffany and Chucky are pretty much the same as they were in Bride of Chucky in terms of design. Jennifer Tilly does the voice of Tiffany again and Brad Dourif returns to voice Chucky but even he can’t save this disaster. Chucky acts more out of character than ever here. The things he does and the things he says just aren’t scary or funny. Maybe it’s a combination of the poor script and dialogue but Dourif’s performance is definitely lacking here. This is coming from someone who really enjoyed the humour in Bride of Chucky.

Words can’t really describe how much I detest Seed of Chucky. What was Don Mancini thinking when he wrote this nightmare? I can’t think of single thing I like about Seed of Chucky. Not only is it the worst Chucky movie in the series, but it’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

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