Child’s Play 3 Deleted Scenes

Posted by Darkness on July 12, 2012 (Updated: 14-Oct-2018)

This page covers the Child’s Play 3 deleted scenes. Several scenes cut from original version appear in the USA Network’s version:

  • Additional dialogue between president of Play Pal toys and his assistant at the very beginning.
  • Andy talking with Tyler on the bus taking them to Kent military school;
  • A scene with Andy and Tyler talking as Andy is going to his room. Tyler offers to play pool with him but Andy declines;
  • Andy and Whitehurst talking outside as they stand at attention just before Shelton steps into the picture;
  • Tyler telling Andy how bad his hair looks after they get haircuts.
  • Shelton catches Andy & Desilva kissing in woods during wargames.
  • After death of garbage man, scene in which Andy is sitting in class, contemplatively, teacher snaps him back into it.

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