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 ChuckyCharles Lee Ray (AKA Chucky) (January 24, 1950 – November 9, 1988) was a voodoo practitioner and serial killer from Hackensack, New Jersey. He and Eddie Caputo were involved in a series of brutal murders and voodoo rituals.

Child’s Play

Serial killer Charles Lee Ray – known by his alias, the Lakeshore Strangler – is being chased by detective Mike Norris. Charles Lee Ray runs into a nearby toy store and gets shot. As he lay dying, he transfers his soul into a Good Guy doll using the power of voodoo.  A peddler finds him and sells him to Karen Barclay who then gives her son the doll as a birthday present. Chucky manipulates 6-year old Andy Barclay into helping him seek out those responsible for his death: his getaway driver Eddie Caputo and Det. Norris.

He kills Andy’s babysitter Maggie initially and then finds Eddie Caputo and kills him. He tries to kill Det. Norris but gets shot so he visits his voodoo mentor who informs him he must transfer his soul into another body. He kills his mentor and goes after Andy at the hospital. After killing a doctor, Andy escapes back to his apartment. Chucky finds him and performs the voodoo ritual but is interrupted by Andy’s mother and Det. Norris. Chucky is burnt to death and then finally shot in the heart by Det. Norris.


Child’s Play 2

Child’s Play 2 takes place two years after the previous film. Chucky is once again brought back to life through a surge of electricity after the toy company analyse his remains to see what went wrong with it. He finds out that Andy Barclay is now living with a foster family. Chucky is taken away by an employee of the company and Chucky suffocates him in his car and then winds up at Andy’s new home. He tries repeatedly to perform a voodoo ritual on Andy but is constantly interrupted.

He kills Andy’s teacher, then his foster father. Andy is taken away back to the orphanage so Chucky kills his foster mother and takes Kyle, another foster child, hostage and goes after him. Chucky takes Andy to the toy factory and performs the voodoo ritual but nothing happens. He realises he was too late in performing it and is stuck in the doll. Kyle saves Andy and they escape with Chucky chasing after them. He has to rip his own hand off after Kyle traps him. He kills a factory worker just before Kyle and Andy force him into a machine. It rips both his legs off but he is still alive. Kyle pours some kind of acid over him and puts an air pipe in his mouth and Chucky explodes.


Child’s Play 3

Child’s Play 3 takes place 8 years after the events in Child’s Play 2. The toy company release another line of Good Guy dolls and parts of Chucky are reconstructed in the process. The CEO is given the first doll off the assembly line as a present and of course, Chucky comes to life. He kills the CEO and finds out that Andy Barclay is now 16 years old and has been send to a military school. Chucky mails himself to the school but the package is intercepted by a young boy called Tyler.

Chucky realises he can transfer his soul into him instead of Andy Barclay but gets interrupted a few times. Chucky kills a dustbin man driver, the barber and the military school leader before swapping the ammunition in the guns for live rounds. The recruits take part in a war games exercise and another person his shot while another is blown up by a grenade.

The film’s finale takes place in a carnival where kills the security guard and takes Tyler into a ghost train. Chucky accidentally gets half his face chopped off and makes his way to the top of a structure to get Tyler. Andy shoots him, severing Chucky’s arm in the process and Chucky tries to strangle him. Andy cuts his other arm off and Chucky falls into a huge fan, killing him instantly.


Bride of Chucky

The events in Bride of Chucky takes place almost straight after the events in Child’s Play 3. Chucky’s old girlfriend, Tiffany, bribes a cop to get Chucky’s remains. She gets his remains and kills the cop. She reconstructs Chucky and performs a voodoo ritual to bring him back to life. Tiffany ties another man to a bed and Chucky comes alive and kills him. After Tiffany realises that Chucky wasn’t going to ask her to marry him all those years ago, she locks him away.

Chucky escapes and kills Tiffany transferring her soul into another doll. They realise they have to get the Heart of Dombala that is buried with Charles Lee Ray’s corpse in New Jersey. They hitch a road trip with two teenagers. Chucky first kills Chief Kincaid and then the other cop. Tiffany kills a honeymoon couple at a motel and Tiffany and Chucky have sex. They take the two teenagers hostage and makes them take them to the cemetery. As Chucky is performing the ritual, Tiffany stabs Chucky who then beats her with a shovel. The teenagers traps Chucky in the grave and shoots him through the heart, killing him. The final scene involves Tiffany giving birth to something.


Seed of Chucky

The film takes place 6 years after the events in Bride of Chucky. The son of Tiffany and Chucky, Glen, has been working as a ventriloquist’s dummy in England. Two dolls resembling Tiffany and Chucky are working on a movie starring Jennifer Tilly. Glen escapes and makes his way to Hollywood to resurrect the dolls and before we know it, Chucky and Tiffany are alive. They kill a puppeteer shortly after they are brought back. They agree not kill any more people.

Jennifer Tilly wants to play a part in Redman’s new movie and invites him over for dinner. Meanwhile, Chucky and Tiffany are planning to transfer their souls into their bodies. Tiffany knocks them out and inseminates Jennifer with Chucky’s semen. Chucky notices that a paparazzi was taking pictures of them so he takes Glen and kills him. Jennifer wakes up the next morning and realises she is pregnant. Tiffany kills Redman and the next day Jennifer is fully pregnant. Chucky captures Jennifer as well as her driver, Stan. Jennifer’s assistant arrives and is burnt to death. Jennifer then gives birth to twins.

Chucky accepts his fate and doesn’t want to transfer their souls into new bodies. He throws a knife at Jennifer but kills the driver instead. The police arrive and Jennifer is rushed to the hospital. Tiffany drugs Jennifer and begins to transfer her soul into Jennifer. Chucky breaks into the room and kills Tiffany and then Glen kills Chucky. The film picks up five years later at Glen and Glenda’s birthday party. Their nanny quits her job who is killed by Jennifer but it is revealed to be Tiffany and she actually did complete the transference before she was killed. Glen has taken the son’s body and receives a present. He opens it to find it’s Chucky’s arm which grabs him.


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