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Chucky Season 3 Will Premiere October 4th, 2023

It has been announced this week that Season 3 of the Chucky tv series will make its premiere on October 4, 2023, just in time for Halloween. In an amusing promo video, Chucky is seen giving a press conference about Season 3 with reporters asking him questions about the upcoming series.

Once again, Brad Dourif returns to voice the titular character. Chucky says in the press conference: “I’m here to announce to you dipshits that season 3 of my show Chucky will return on October 4. And I will not rest until every single one of you fu**kers watch it.”

A journalist asks Chucky if  Devon Sawa will be returning for season 3. Chucky says “Who?”. Another reporter asks him if Jennifer Tilly will be returning who confirms that she is. As Chucky says, the show can be seen on October 4th on USA Network and Syfy and is streaming the next day on Peacock.

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