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Curse of Chucky Review

I know I’m extraordinarily late with my Curse of Chucky Review. I’ve been so busy lately with other stuff. I’ve seen the movie twice so far. I didn’t like it as much as other reviewers but it’s definitely one of the better direct to DVD films we’ve had in a while and it’s a far better film than Seed of Chucky.

review Curse of Chucky Review

Hopefully, one day, we’ll get another Chucky movie that gets an actual theatrical release and a bigger budget.

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  1. i loved all the chucky movie and after seeing curse of chucky i would like to see a childs play 7 and hopefully it happens i think every body would like to see it, i know 20 to 30 people i know loved the curse of chucky especally when the little girl open the shower curtain in the bath room that jumped the crap out of me wow we want even more scaryier would be nice lol.

  2. Child’s Play (2014) will tell the story of Chucky, all over again, but leave the comedy out. No more ‘side splitting’ Chucky, but the new Child’s Play movie will be very dark and disturbing, holding true to it’s original roots. In the Child’s Play movie, serial killer Charles Lee Ray gets gunned down by the police, and transfers his soul into a doll just before he dies. Days later, Andy Barclay gets the same doll for his birthday. In order for Charles (Chucky) to transfer his soul out of the doll, he must preform a voodoo chant on the first person he told his true identity to… Andy.

  3. curse of chucky freaks me out because his eyes are realy big and creepy and his face is so smooth looking and he is so serius in this one in the bride and seed they dident care about a thing in this one chucky is so scary.

  4. MOST LIKELY CHUCKY IS NOT RIGHT IN THE CURSE OF CHUCKY. HE TELLS THE STORY LATER I hate how you watched all the movies but the last one tells the story from the beganing of how it all started. tiffany rocks I love her moter jacket and the make up she was meant to be the spawn of saint. I dont like it when she keeps talking abut her mom for the next three movies bride of chucky, seed of chucky, and curse of chucky.for example my mom always said you can put a price on love. chucky what he does not make sence at all why does he get to come back for the last 6 movies tiffany didnt. they say chucky and anabell are in love trust me there not the type for each other anabells taller then a 2 foot dall and they do diffrent stuff like anabell is a demon doll chucky is just a small walking talking little killing doll dumb huh?

  5. The Curse Of Chucky™ was one of the worst of the series (just ahead of The Seed of Chucky™). The movie was definitely more frightening than the last two movies, considering the actual action sequences. The entire series took a turn for the worst when they lost the storyline and started placing the dolls in random households. Without an actual goal for the doll(s), the movies are pointless. Then again, this is all an opinion of a nineteen year old.

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